Recommendation to Parents

Ø  Parents are advised to keep the school updated with their current address and contact numbers. The school shall not be responsible for non receipt or delay of any communication made by the school on the address or contact number as on school record.

Ø  Parents are requested to track school activities on a daily basis through their ward’s almanac and acknowledge the same by initialing at the space provided for it. Parents are free to express their views in parliamentary language through the almanac.

Ø  The child should attend school regularly maintaining high level of personal hygiene and smartly dressed in well-tailored complete school uniform.

Ø  Late comers and students on scooty or motorcycle will not be allowed in school without prior permission of the principal. Further a helmet and driving license is mandatory for scooty or motorcyclists.

Ø  Parents should ensure that his ward does not bring any gadgets to school or else it will be confiscated by school authorities.

Ø  No exam or test will be re-conducted for the child except on medical grounds with prior intimation made by the parent to the school authorities.

Ø  Children can be asked to leave School on the following grounds:

i.                    Disciplinary

ii.                  Unsatisfactory progress at work

iii.                Detention or repeated detention in class.