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  • CBSE STORYTELLING COMPETITION 2019-20 Conducted at Vidya Bharati Public School, Todi Nagar, Sikar on dated 2nd December, 2019. Master Krishna Goyal (Class V) and Miss Ritisha Khandelwal (Class VI) have participated in this competition.....Read More
  • Our 18 students visited IIT Kanpur Campus for Phase-II of Techkriti Open School Championship (TOSC) held by IIT Kanpur. Our 9 Teams Selected for Phase-II (Out of 50 Teams) for All Over India.....Read More
  • New Academic Session begins on 28th March 2020.....Read More
  • Annual Result declaration for classes I-IX and XI will be held on 24th March 2019 from 11:15 am onwards.....Read More
  • Convocation Ceremony for classes Nur. - Prep. will be held on 23rd March 2019 from 11.30am onwards.....Read More
  • Admission for the session 2020-2021 are open.....Read More

General Rules and Regulations governing Boarders


Ø  Parents have to complete all the paper formalities and furnish a fitness certificate from a registered doctor before admitting the child in the hostel.

Ø  Parents should ensure that their ward has the complete hostel kit on the first day of his arrival in the hostel.

Ø  The school strictly prohibits the entry of any perishable food item in the hostel by students. Students are only permitted to keep dry fruits and 500g of chocolates.

Ø  The school will not be responsible for loss of cash or any expensive items by a boarder.

Ø  Parents and local guardians may visit their wards on Sundays between 10 a.m. to 5p.m. along with the identity card and ‘pass’ issued to them. NO LOCAL GUARDIAN WILL BE ABLE TO VISIT THEIR WARDS WITHOUT THE IDENTITY CARD/PASS.

Ø   Parents are prohibited from entering into hostel rooms or dormitory to interact with their wards.

Ø  Withdrawal from hostel during an academic session may be considered by the school management but on payment of the full year hostel charges. Exceptions may be considered in case of Defense Personals only.

Ø  Children can be asked to leave Hostel on the following grounds:

i.                    Disciplinary

ii.                  Unsatisfactory progress at work

Detention or repeated detention in class.